Nicknames/Alias: Purr

Age: 24

Power: Feline Physiology

Species: Human/Cat Hybrid

Origin: Pusa, Moon of Elusolend


First Main Appearance:




Purrdita is a human/cat hybrid and has feline-like powers. She chooses not to get her hands dirty in a fight and would more than likely back down and let her friends handle her problems, not in cowardliness, just encase she breaks a nail. Purr opts whether or not to be fully human, minus her cat ears and tail, or her hybrid form. She was born however with stripe-like markings on her body which remain whatever form she is in.


Feline Enhancement

  • Purr has enhanced agility, balance, bite, flexibility, jump, strength and speed

Claw Retraction

  • Purr can extend and retract sharp claws

Cat Eyes

  • Purr can tap into the network of feline minds and see through their eyes

Night Vision

  • Purr can see clearly in darkness

Predator Instinct

  • She possesses predatory instincts allowing her to become a master of hunting and tracking

Stealth Tactics

  • Purr possesses extraordinary skillful expertise in numerous ways and techniques of stealth. She can easily slip in and out of areas undetected and move throughout even the most guarded of areas and act in true discretion

Lilac Wave

  • Purr can create a purple cat-like shadow 3 times her height from the limited psionic power she has, that pounces on her target