-- Precious

Precious works on the bridge mainly alongside Lucy at the helm. Her last commission onboard the Anduril ended quickly after starting when her tail was constantly getting her into trouble. Samoan puts up with any mishaps because she admits Precious is an extremely skilled pilot


Life-Force Aura

  • Projecting her aura gives Precious the ability to fly

Life-Force Release

  • Precious can release a volley of Life-Force spheres (whether it's her life force or that of others that she has draw energy from doesn't matter).

Life Link

  • Used mainly to link lives in peril for protection. A second aura tends to cocoon around the target to keep them safe from further harm

Life-Force Transferal

  • Precious can effectively steal the life of one person and give it to another but like Hanna, she is skeptical about negating life/powers.

Concussion Beams

  • Precious can solidify energy and discharge beams at her enemies