Nicknames/Alias: V

Age: 25

Power: Mischief Mastery

Species: Human

Origin: Tinturia


First Main Appearance:





Enhanced Condition

  • Nova had enhanced charisma, flexibility, durability, jump, intelligence, reflexes, senses and speed.

Escape Artistry

  • Nova can wriggle out of any binds, break through any fetters or otherwise escape captivity with ease

Enhanced Thievery

  • She possesses skills that allow her to rob, steal and loot like a master thief.

Illusion Manipulation

  • She can cause a single person to experience illusions/hallucinations by concentrating on that one person.


  • Nova has an extremely strong will, enabling her to be immune to all forms of temptation including telepathy, subliminal seduction and mind control.


  • Nova is gifted with an automatic infinite supply of luckiness that she has no control over

Essense Reading

  • Nova can percieve the true nature of anything and can effectively see through incredible disguises or shapeshifting abilites as essences cannot be hidden from her.

Limited Shapeshifting

  • Nova can alter her gender

Treachery Inducement

  • She can induce betrayal in others

Regenerative Healing Factor

  • She can heal rapidly from any physical injury