-- Mesotholea

Lea, like Hanna was brought to be tested on by the company C.P.L. However while Hanna consented to the changes, Lea was snatched from her family and forced to cooperate. Lea was born with abilities connected to the forest, being born with Bee-like genes in her, when experimented on different genes was activated and she began to change for the worst. Spider genes took over and her appearance and Abilities were altered. She now possessed Space like powers. With everything that has happened to her she grows exceedingly angry at her captors and destroys everything in her path to freedom after overhearing them saying they were planning to add a few more creature attributes into her. Upon being brought back to the Academy, she is tamed and soon convinced upon becoming aware of other students there who were in the same boat as her that the people around her wanted to help and weren't her enemy.


Meteor Summoning

  • Lea can summon meteors and have them crash down on targets

Light Generation

  • She can generate light of varying intensities and verying durations of time, for example she can emit her aura or breathe light from her mouth

Magnetism Manipulation

  • Mesotholea can generate, control and manipulate magnetism in all its forms (megnetic materials, planetary, artificial and later orgainic, generated by the electrical currents of living beings). Lea cannot manipulate metal she can only control magnetism.


  • Lea is immune to fire, effects of bright light and UV Radiation

Stellar Blasts

  • She cab release beams of solidified stellar energy in any form

Stellar Wave Emission

  • She can send out a wave of stellar energy that repels everything

Stardust Creation

  • She can control and manipulate remanants of a dead star, such as attaining flight using star dust and having a cosmic elemental breath

Radiation Aura

  • Lea can surround herself in radiation for defensive and offensive purposes.

Cosmic Energy Absorption

  • Lea can absorb cosmic energy and utilize in some ways, such as channeling the absorbed energy into strength, durability, regenration or simple release of energy

Light Form

  • Lea can transform into pure photons

Gravity Manipulation

  • She can influence gravitons

Orbital Pull

  • Mesotholea later learns she can become a point of graviational pull for small objects, allowing her to force any object with solid mass to orbit around her, she can release control of the object(s) and direct it in any direction. She does not learn telekinesis as she can only pull small objects towards her, she has no control over what objects she pulls in.

Temporal Awareness

  • Upon being gifted a power up by Chronos, Mesotholea is able to sense and detect any alterations in the time-stream, allowing her to discern alternate timelines