Nicknames/Alias: Libby/Berty/Libs/Birdy

Age: 25

Power: Organic Constructs & Harpy Physiology

Species: Human/Bird Hybrid



First Main Appearance:




Liberty is a Harpy and began her tale as a human scientist working for CPL. She was caught in a conflict with her colleagues and test subjects and was infected with a trial substance when cut with a broken shard of glass in hand-to-hand combat in a friends defense. She now works to help others in transition of being experimented on and integrating them back into society as greater beings. Liberty is neither against or for the LINK scheme. She becomes somewhat of a counsel for Rebeccia as she seems extremely aggravated by her change.



  • She can crudely animate organic objects/beings


  • Liberty can manifest organic wings, multiple arms and a prehensile tail

Organic Shield Construction

  • She can create shields out of organic material (blood, flesh, bone)

Organic Imprisonment

  • Liberty can bind, imprison or otherwise stop objects by using orgain material (using bone, wood etc).

Organic Weaponry

  • She can construct blades and whips out of organic material


  • She can create clones of herself out of organic material (blood, bone, wood etc).

Enhanced Reflexes

  • She has drastically enhanced reaction speed

Hollow Skeleton

  • Liberty's bones are hallow, making her lighter, faster and more agile thatn she appears

Sonic Scream

  • Liberty can emit highly enhanced destructive and deafening screams of a high amplitude

Supersonic Flying

  • Liberty can fly at speeds that exeeds sound.