Nicknames/Alias: Lenny (Hanna's nickname for Lenore much to her annoyance)

Age: 26

Power: Emotion Manipulation & Genie Physiology

Species: Genie (Wish Granting Sprite)

Origin: Ethrask


First Main Appearance:




Lenore is a genie (Wish Granting Sprite). She hides herself inside a pendant which she trusts Chevalle to protect so she isn't constantly bothered by people wanting to demand their 3 wishes. Lenore looks up to Chevalle like a sister. She possesses elf like qualities (ears and eyes) but the body of a regular human. She doesn't do the whole smoke trick to hover around very often but is more than capable... Lenore has control over people’s emotions, which assists her in her attempt to hide herself, because with a flick of her wrist a person’s feelings towards their goal would change in an instant. Which is why you must catch Lenore and make your first wish before she changes your mind. Lenore can also command you to make a wish if it suits her position better, as she can't make wishes for herself but also can't ask you to wish for something for her personal gain.



  • Should she be discovered, Lenore is obligated to grant a person 3 wishes. However she attempts to twist every wish as it is in her nature to trick any willing to try and fool her

Three V2

  • Used for attack purposes, Lenore can blast three energy spheres at a target, this isn't done often as it drains her energy and isnt done often

Limited Air Mimicry

  • Lenore can transform the bottom half of her body completely into air. Lenore can fly in this form and pass through objects should they obstruct her way from the waist down.

Supernatural Condition

  • Lenore has enhanced durability, speed and strength


  • Lenore has the ability to turn herself invisible when she is scared. Sometimes without meaning to or realising.


  • Lenore can shapeshift but only to a degree where she is still recognisable (certain features will remain, such as the colour of fur should she turn herself into a beast will be the same colour as her hair)


  • Lenore can teleport at will planetwide

Emotion Inducement

  • Lenore can induce any kind of emotion in a being, but only those who have asked for wishes. The emotions Lenore tends to exploit in people are of negative states but she can also induce the opposite. Effects of these emotion changes are temporary and wear off when Lenore chooses

Emotion Division

  • Lenore can materialize and seperate all of her emotions leaving herself to only act on logic. The materialized spheres hover around Lenore and can be used as weapons via a psychic energy