Nicknames/Alias: Lara


Power: Poison Generation/Manipulation

Species: Space/Star Elf

Origin: Temero


First Main Appearance:





Toxic Fume Emmission

  • Laraya can exude toxic gases, causing varying effects including hyper stimulation and coma inducement. She may disperse a thick smog to escape danger or choke foes

Toxikinetic Constructs

  • Laraya can create and solidify poison into varies shapes

Poisonous Breath/Blood/Touch

  • Laraya has blood which contains toxic substances. When she chooses to, she can inflict poison through skin contact or cause her breath to become toxic.

Acid Generation

  • Laraya can secrete a highly corrosive acid

Pain/Necrosis/Paralysis/Death Inducement

  • Laraya can induce pain, decay of cells, paralysis and death

Poison Absorption

  • Laraya can absorb any kind of poison but has her limit to how much she can take in.

Poison Immunity

  • She is immune to all forms of poison

Enhanced Condition

  • Laraya has enhanced combat, immunity, agility, dexterity, marksmanship, reflexes and senses

Decelerated Aging