Nicknames/Alias: Kal


Basic Traits: Aloof

Power: Vampirism & Lie Detection

Species: Vampire



First Main Appearance: S02E10 - Meet The Unnaturalist




Kalrynne isn't a Tamer, and so isn't an official member of Star Elite, however he wears a uniform to symbolize he's no ordinary human being....



  • Kalrynne will never age and is immune to aging abilities

Supernatural Condition

  • Kalrynne has enhanced agility, combat, endurance, senses, speed, strength and immunity

Regenerative Healing Factor

  • Kalrynne can heal rapidly from any physical injury

Blood Consumption/Empowerment

  • Without consumption of blood regularly Kalrynne grows weaker. Kalrynne can replicate powers with blood as a medium should he consume enough of it.


  • He can transform people into vampires


  • Kalrynne can fly without outside influence

Mind Control

  • Kalrynne can implant thought, emotions and memories into the minds of others making them think that it's their own. Kalrynne can also cause targets to follow orders by placing them in a suggestive trance upon eye contact.

Psionic Energy Conversion

  • Kalrynne, to a limited degree can absorb psionic energy (thought waves) of others and convert it into other types of energy (sonic and electricity). Kalrynne can protect himself from mental attacks.

Soul Anchoring

  • He is immune to all soul manipulation based powers

Lie Detection

  • Kalrynne can sense when being lied to with his enhanced vision. He can see physical body ticks, such as twitching or increase in blinking. He can also smell pheremone differences.