-- Juniper

Juniper is a botanist and has striven for many years to have her plants leave orbit and assist in space for medicinal purposes and for food. Upon ascending to Captain, Samoan accepts June's request and she now has a small section of the FALISITY adorned with plants and veg. Juniper is regularly called 'Viper' by Precious, after one particular incident with Juniper showing just how quick she is to pick up on an action and replicate it with perfect precision.



  • Juniper can copy and movement/action after seeing it performed only once, including acrobatics, martial arts and other physical stunts. She can watch how a person fires a weapon for instance and be able to copy it.

Body Language Analysis

  • June can intuitively read others' body language and anticipate their actions.

Enhanced Condition

  • Juniper has enhanced combat, dexterity and memory