-- Jarek

Jarek was born with the ability to generate fire and manipulate it psionically. He trained himself on Ignis with help from his sister Taquia, who was not a Tamer, and his mother Desiree, a witch. He was soon recruited by Ruiben when his name appeared on The List. The two become friends and continued to train at the Academy up until the day Jarek was introduced to Samoan and Lucy and he decided to join the duo when Ruiben was stationed on the Falisity and left the Academy for long periods of time.


Fire Manipulation

  • Jarek can create fire and then psionically control the size, intensity and have it take any form he desires

Fire Daggers

  • Jarek creates two daggers of fire

Flash Flare

  • He can disintegrate objects through fire without physically touching them. His eyes turn orange.

Violet Blaze

  • He can blow purple fire from his mouth

Burning Disc/Ring Generation

  • Jarek can throw whirling discs/rings of fire

Fire Aura

  • He projects his aura and it bursts into flames

Flame Shield

  • Can make targets resistant to fire attacks.

Ring Of Fire

  • He can create a wall of fire or a encircle anything in a ring of fire

Flaming Bow

  • Jarek rarely uses this ability, but can create a bow and arrows out of fire, matching the skills and damage of Phianna's Ice Bow.

Fire Immunity

  • He is immune to fire and heat, making him non-flammable

Vicious Flicker (Fire Burst)

  • Jarek can run and leave a trail of growing fire in his wake.

Flaming Hail

  • Jarek can make small fireballs fall from the sky

Fire Mimicry

  • He can transform his body completely into fire, whether anatomically identical or homogeneous matter.

Smoke Manipulation

  • He cannot create smoke from nothing, but smoke always follows the flame...

Flaming Void

  • Jarek emits a wave of fire

Temporal Awareness

  • Upon being gifted a power up by Chronos, Jarek is able to sense and detect any alterations in the time-stream, allowing him to discern alternate timelines