-- Hanna

Hanna, being born with no special abilities due to her heritage, longs to explore the skies and develop skills no one else has. This leads her to accept being a test subject for a hybrid experiment for the company C.P.L. Born human, she had insect genes implanted into her and in the process gained Insect based powers, Healing abilities and the one thing she wanted most, the ability to fly.


Aura Reading

  • She can sense emotions, health, power levels, or moral alignment of people

Healing/Regenerative Healing Factor

  • Hanna heals from physical and mental wounds at an accelerated rate but is not immune to fatal blows or something that could potentially kill her

Life-Force Absorption

  • She can transfer life, extend the lifespan of of herself and others and sometimes absorb abilities of others. Hanna can also absorb life to the point of causing her target to fall unconscious temporarily. Should she need to, extended draining can result in death.

Life-Force Constructs

  • Hanna can turn life-force energy into tools, objects, weapons and other items, she can also create semi-living constructs and structure/buildings of verying permanence

Power Erasure

  • Hanna, despite swearing she would never do it, has the ability to permanently emilinate the powers of others.

Enhanced Agility

  • She can effectively dodge attacks, swing from things, sprint and do numerous athletic and martial implements with little effort.


  • She can infest any being or area with pests, parasites or disease

Enhanced Jump, Smell and Vision

  • Hanna can jump exceedingly high, has 360 vision and superior smell.

Poison Generation

  • Hanna has limited poison generation powers and is only applied through skin contact

Temporal Awareness

  • Upon being gifted a power up by Chronos, Hanna is able to sense and detect any alterations in the time-stream, allowing her to discern alternate timelines