Nicknames/Alias: Di/DELTA (Digital Electronic Lifeform Trained for Assasination)

Age: 54

Power: Metal Manipulation

Species: Android

Origin: Logam


First Main Appearance:




Diantha was created in the image of her great-great-great-grandmother 54 years ago under the droid title: DELTA, being the succesful fourth attempt. Diantha had a mysterious component fit into her mechanical chest allowing her to Manipulate Metal. Her last name is pronounced Son-Yah. She was created for the sole purpose of protection of her 'family'. But they were wiped out in her 18th year of activation. She got caught up with Atalya at some point pledging allegiance but soon discovered Star Elite where not the enemy. She now resides at Charter Academy seeking new adventures, not quite feeling the loss of her relatives, she has accepted their passing and wishes to advance in any way and every way she can to help others.


Iron Core

  • Diantha can fire a beam of kinetic energy from her palms or chest

Metal Generation/Manipulation

  • Diantha can create/generate/increase metallic materials and manipulate it

Metal Dust Manipulation

  • Diantha can create and manipulate metal in a granular form. She can implant metal dust into opponents body and manipulate them

Metal Mimicry

  • Being an android, Diantha has a body made up of metal, and so is capable of surviving severe damage before eventually breaking. Di can reconstruct herself if she is broken. Di has enhanced strength, endurance and invulnerability and immune to disease and pain.