-- Ceredreas

Ceredreas was born with powers of the Ocean and went along with her parents’ wishes for her to attend Charter Academy unknowing they had an ulterior motive. Every single one of her older several hundreds of siblings paid for living in luxury by selling their own abilities and body parts to the company C.P.L, Ceredreas however, upon her parents revealing the truth about their reasons of sending her to the Academy, to rid herself of her abilities, as is tradition on Speculum, if you give what the gods gave you to society, society will gift you the life of a god. Cere refuses to sell them and becomes determined to learn to harness her powers and use them to the best of her ability.


Water Generation

  • She can create water and manipulate it

Ocean Dream

  • She creates a trident made of water, with which she can manipulate water in any way with


  • She can bond, control and empathize with sea animals


  • She can summon sea creatures from different worlds/dimension

Aquatic Adaptation

  • She can breathe underwater

Disaster Manipulation

  • She can create Tidal Waves, Water spouts and whirlpools to varying degrees and control currents and tides

Water Walking

  • She can walk on water

Water Mimicry

  • She can transform her body so to be made up of water or other liquid substances

Rain Manipulation

  • When Ceredreas aquire's Cacada's water powers she is able to learn many other aspects of water manipulation. She can summon rain as light or heavy downpours.


  • She can evaporate water

Pressure Manipulation

  • Cere can alter the pressure of water to slice through objects

Bodily Fluid Manipulation

  • Cere accidentally learns the ability to control fluids in a person's body, manipulating them against their will when becoming enraged and having the person slap themself across the face.

Sliding Dash/Water Walking

  • Cere can slide on water in a skating manner. She can also simply walk on water

Temporal Awareness

  • Upon being gifted a power up by Chronos, Cere is able to sense and detect any alterations in the time-stream, allowing her to discern alternate timelines