Arc can only use one power at a time.

Combustion Inducement (Dragon)

  • Can cause matter to explode

Invisibility (Snake)

  • He can render himself invisible

Healing (Horse)

  • Through physical contact, Arc can heal both surface wounds and deeper injuries

Animal Transformation (Monkey)

  • Arc can turn people and objects into animals

Astral projection (Sheep)

  • He can separate his spirit from his body

Levitation (Rooster)

  • Arc can levitate

Yin & Yang Manipulation (Tiger)

  • Arc can manipulate both negative and positive forces, such as electricity, hate inducement, necromancy, empathy and hope inducement

Animation (Rat)

  • He can give crude life to inanimate objects

Super Strength (Ox)

  • Arc has enhanced strength

Heat Vision (Pig)

  • He can generate heat beams from his eyes

Immortality (Dog)

  • Arc possesses an infinite lifespan and will never age. He can recover from most physical injuries.

Super Speed (Rabbit)

  • Arc can move at extraodinary physical speeds 

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