Known as a monster for her deformed shape since birth forced Amira to follow a new path which led her to accepting becoming a test subject for CPL who promised her salvation. However they didn't help her as promised but rather made her much more unique, creating their very first half demon hybrid. Amira was quickly assigned to the Security team on the FALISITY with her quick wit and reflexes... and the fact she can fire 6 weapons at once. 



  • Amira possesses an infinite lifespan so she will never age and will recover from almost any injury

Matter Control

  • She can control a person's limbs

Body Modification

  • She can change the organic structure of a being

Biological Absorption

  • Amira can absorb biological matter in effect stealing powers

Cellular Disintigration

  • She can dissolve any sort of organic cells, allowing her to destroy something should she choose to. She can self-treat herself by destroying harmful germ-like cells in her body. She can also halt regenerative healing by disintigrating cells continuously until there is nothing left to regenerate from.


  • She can to some degree transform, alter or transmute matter, energy, elements, objects, beings into anything else.

Gender Switch

  • Amira learns she can switch her gender by reorganising the cells in her body. Avril also learns this ability however through her natural shapeshifting abilities and the pair parade as men often.

Limited Cloth Manipulation

  • Having spent her years learning to reorganise limbs and dissolving and destroying cells, Alice helps Amira learn to manipulate cloth as it requires a certain patience, something Amira greatly lacks.

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