Nicknames/Alias: N/A


Power: Cyber Mind & Cyber Avatar & Martial Arts

Species: Human



First Main Appearance:






Self Brain Manipulation

  • Alex can maximize his brain capacity. He can Panmesia meaning he can remember absolutely everything he thinks, feels, encounters and experiences.

Computer Interaction

  • Alex can interface with computers and IT networks, allowing them to download and gather information. He possesses intuitive hacking skills

Data Drain

  • He can drain/erase computer data

Psychic Navigation

  • Alex can provide others with 'GPS' navigation to help allies find their way. He can become a living command centre

Head-Up Display

  • Alex can create a head-up display containing informatio about the world around him like that in a game

Self Mental Manipulation

  • Alex can manipulatae his emotions and alter his personality

Enhanced Reflexes/Senses

  • He has enhanced senses and reflexes

Psychic Shield

  • Alex is immune to psychic attacks

Reality Perception

  • Alex can detect lies and be aware of illusions

Scanner Vision

  • Alex can perfom complex visual scans on his environment or creatures to determine properties, detect presence, diagnose conditions and find inconsistencies or errors

Interface Creation

  • Alex can create a personal interface and manipulate the data via interations with the computer hologram

Martial Arts

  • Alex is a skilled fighter